Funny Stuff

30 Rock is hilarious.

Here is a transcript from the episode “I Heart Connecticut”

Liz: You want your old life back? You’re Tracy Jordan! Hulk Hogan called you a dirtbag! the NAACP once hired someone to kill you! You wore a penis hat to Princess Diana’s funeral!
Tracy: Because I wore it to their wedding! It was special to the three of us!

Liz:You were the worst. And you can be again. You just have to go out there and remind people who you really are. Go… trash a hotel room, expose yourself to Elmo, visit O.J. in jail again, attack the Lincoln Memorial with a hammer.

Tracy: I have to burn all my goodwill. Then they won’t expect anything from me.

Liz: And you can go back to your old life. And TGS.

Tracy: Tracy Jordan is off the leash! [takes his shirt off and pushes over a lamp on his way out]

Kenneth: God speed, Mr. Jordan.

I also suggest checking out Mr. Jordan freaking out in a stairwell


Brick House Tavern and Tap review

Brick House Tavern is more then just bar food, but a manly culture.

This past weekend I had a pleasant surprise of unknowingly going to a new restaurant in Akron. Originally my plan was to go to the Olive Garden with a friend, but seeing as the wait for a table was 20 some min, I opted out. Across the street from the OG there is a restaurant by the name of The Brick House Tavern and Tap.

I had seen this restaurant for a few years now driving through the Chapel Hill mall area, but never stopped in. To be honest, I heard some bad things about the place. “A higher class Hooters” is what one review from a coworker of mine had said. Now the twenty-four year old me thinks this place would be great, but going there with a member of the opposite sex does not increase your chances of going to a venue with skimpy clothes and cheap wings.

Seeing as I did not want to wait for low grade Italian food, I convinced my cohort to go to the Brick and try it out. The outside decor was very impressive. Nice, new brick, stained wood, fireplace, and clean glass doors. Walking through the front door we were greeted with a smiling face and asked weather we would like a table, booth, recliner, or bar seat. I was opting for the recliner since that is not something you see at every tavern, but not the most practical when dining with a female.

We sat in a booth on the opposite side of the bar with great views of multiple sporting events. I should probably mention that the BH is geared toward a male crowd if that has not become apparent yet. In the back of the place there is an area called the “man cave” with the recliners and couches and what I am assuming were more manly accoutrements.

The waitress, Amy I believe, was not a knock off Hooters girl. Practically dressed and uniformed with a BH polo, she took our drink orders and suggested some cock tail specials that they have. I had to decline the alcohol as I was still digesting suds from the night before. Looking around I noticed my biggest issue with the establishment. On the walls there are several quotes written in a large Helvetica font. Sayings like, “Beauty is in the eyes of the beer holder” above the front door and surrounding areas just seemed to bring the atmosphere down. Other wise there were some other features that I felt did work well with the theme. On the back brick wall there was a beaten, old fashioned, painted saying on the wall. I did not get a chance to read what it said, but the aesthetic of it was highly appealing compared to the other quotes. Right above the bar they have the name of some drinks and other wording pertaining to the BH.

The main reason someone goes to a restaurant is obviously the food, so let me get to that. I ordered the Yard Bird sandwich. A nice marinated and slightly, what seemed Cajun, chicken breast was grilled perfectly. Nice char marks, and still juicy on the inside. Topped with lettuce, onion, crisp bacon, provolone, sans tomato, and a Sriracha mayo that I wished would have had a little more fire to it. The bun that it came on I felt should have been toasted, maybe even buttered a little bit, but it was not a deal breaker at all. The fries however could have been. The portion was kind of small for a nine dollar sandwich, and they did not seem fresh cut. I wish I would have ordered a baked potato, or maybe some steamed veggies as my side (I am not sure if these sides are available, but assuming so as most bar type restaurants like this do. However, tater tots are available too).

My partner in crime Kelsey ordered the Black and Bleu burger, also with fries. I quote her on this, “I could eat/drink bleu cheese all day!” I am not so much for the taste of mold on a burger, but I digress. The burger was cooked to the perfect medium and it was a nice blend with seasoning, not too over powering at all. I only sampled a little bite of it, but there’s nothing better then a good burger. I also think the bun could have been a little more toasted, same as my chicken sandwich.

Overall I give the restaurant a very good rating. The moment of truth was when Doug, the general manager, casually stopped by our table to make sure everything was going well and we were satisfied. To me that is something that gives a place a good foundation based on customer care.

As we walked out the same manager held the door and was extremely hospitable. I would highly recommend the Brick House Tavern and Tap to anyone looking for a manly meal with a casual feel. Pricing is reasonable and food is above average. Next time you find yourself wanting casual, American food, check out the Brick House, you will not be disappointed.

The Brick House Tavern and Tap is located at 581 Howe Avenue Cuyahoga Falls, OH 44221
(330) 920-6244





Local Friday


I have been a proponent of local shopping for a few years now. It is not because I watched some documentary on how evil Walmart is, but more so because one day I will be that local business owner who wants customers to like my facebook page and retweet my specials. This particular post is about two of my favorite local establishments in Kent, Ohio.

First off, we start with the fantastic weather, and not being too hungover to get out of bed. That led me to walk to Taco Tantos on a Friday morning. On my way I got a little side tracked by Bent Tree Coffee, and boy am I glad I did. I know one of the owners from the Zephyr Pub just down the street, so I am familiar with their business. Their product is also sold in the market I work at on the KSU campus. The smell of fresh roasted coffee is one that I wish my own kitchen smelled like. I may have purchased a Yankee Candle with the smell, but the real thing is irreplaceable. As I was attempting to refresh myself and slay the little bit of a hangover I did have, I chose the iced Peru Norte. After adding a little bit of simple syrup, I was on my way out the door and couldn’t have been happier with my choice. The bold flavor was enough with out the sugar, but the sweetness brought out a bit of a nutty flavor that was not so overwhelming, but enough to recognize and be happy with. I definitely suggest getting there especially if you are just taking a leisurely stroll for tacos like I was.

So I trek on toward my motivator for the morning, Taco Tantos. Now this day was particularly important since Tantos was introducing their new pork taco….FOR FREE! If free tacos aren’t a reason to get out of bed then I don’t know what is. I ordered my pulled pig taco with lettuce some salsa, and no guac. I am really in the pits when it comes to avocados. Nevertheless my taste buds lead me in the right direction and I ordered two chicken tacos as well. Most of the time I am taco salad kind of person, but today was asking for a change of pace. And wow, that was the biggest chicken taco I have ever eaten. Two was more then enough plus a sample smaller pork taco. I walked down to the Cuyahoga river park area adjacent to downtown and enjoyed my lunch. The new pork taco is promising, but could use a little more of a kick in my opinion. Once it is on the menu full time I will order it again for sure. The fall apart texture of the meat was perfect and not chewy like some pulled pork that you get. The cooking was excellent and the hard shell accommodated it nicely.

Kudos to Tantos and Bent Tree, both some of Kent’s finest. I suggest both places, and couldn’t be more excited for Tantos to open their location in Lakewood for when I move home to Rocky River.