Bear Watch 2012: The Bedford Black Bear Twitter Reactions

UPDATE: the bear is now on twitter and gaining followers fast: @TheBedfordBear

In a post Labor Day haze, with a gloomy, smog filled air mixed with left over jet fuel from the DDM Air Show in Cleveland, there is something that can over take the excitement of pictures of the Blue Angels – the Bedford Black Bear.

Oh yes, call him B3 or the #BedfordBear#BearWatch2012 will continue – just don’t tempt him with salmon or honey. The cute and cuddly cub was discovered climbing a tree in Bedford Heights near The Oakwood Village border. Reports of the bear came as early as 6:30 PM on Monday evening.

I am not here to break news on Yogi, but simply give you the best tweets about Smokey when this had bearly begun. Call the ambearlance because the tranquilizers are coming out. Would the phrase ambear alert be too inappropriate?

First pun goes to @CLEpoops

The bear truth continues with the question we all want to know thanks to @WhyCLE

This story is never fur-gettable, thanks @dwsweeney

and the queen bee (sorry, I am out of bear puns) in this story is @cshillz

Follow the developing stories from these fine Cleveland news crews:

 News Channel 5

Fox 8 News

WKYC Channel 3

For a roaring good time (oh, I had one left!) follow me on twitter: @TimothypLong


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