Funny Stuff

30 Rock is hilarious.

Here is a transcript from the episode “I Heart Connecticut”

Liz: You want your old life back? You’re Tracy Jordan! Hulk Hogan called you a dirtbag! the NAACP once hired someone to kill you! You wore a penis hat to Princess Diana’s funeral!
Tracy: Because I wore it to their wedding! It was special to the three of us!

Liz:You were the worst. And you can be again. You just have to go out there and remind people who you really are. Go… trash a hotel room, expose yourself to Elmo, visit O.J. in jail again, attack the Lincoln Memorial with a hammer.

Tracy: I have to burn all my goodwill. Then they won’t expect anything from me.

Liz: And you can go back to your old life. And TGS.

Tracy: Tracy Jordan is off the leash! [takes his shirt off and pushes over a lamp on his way out]

Kenneth: God speed, Mr. Jordan.

I also suggest checking out Mr. Jordan freaking out in a stairwell


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